Monday, January 03, 2011

Coffee Sanctuary

Over the past year or so I've become ever more addicted to coffee... specifically the amazing type of coffee that one gets from Third Wave coffee shops. Third Wave coffee shops serving carefully selected and roasted beans with an artisanal flair have become a refuge for me both in the city, and when traveling. They are a place to relax, sip a good brew, and work or read a book.

Vancouver has its share of amazing coffee shops including Elysian, 49th Parallel, Bump N Grind, and the newly opened Kafka's Coffee and Tea. The owners of these shops take coffee to a new level, making sure that their staff are well educated and trained on how to best serve the coffees offered. When traveling it's always a pleasure to find coffee shops with the same level of commitment and quality. Portland has Stumptown, Barista, and red e. San Francisco has Four Barrel and Ritual. Seattle has its own Stumptown locations as well as Victrola, Bauhaus Books & Coffee, and Vivace. Edmonton has a growing scene with Transcend at the centre, and Calgary has the YYC Coffee Disloyalty program encouraging people to visit local coffee shops of which we've been to Phil & Sebastian, Kawa Espresso, deVille, and in Canmore Communitea. We've found these places by chance and by recommendation, and it's always a pleasure to sit down to an amazing cup of coffee and take a load off.

The unfortunate side-effect of discovering good coffee is that I no longer enjoy the mediocre cups of coffee that can be found in the big chains (Starbucks, Second Cup, etc.), and when traveling between cities it can be hard to find a satisfying cup of coffee.

I look forward to more travels, revisiting old discoveries, and making new ones along the way... finding refuges of coffee, snacks, WiFi, and a place to rest between and at destinations.


Anonymous said...

Check out Caffe Beano next time in Calgary.

Tal said...

I will definitely have to give that one a go.