Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heart Rate

30min later and my heart rate is still up from my morning commute. Nothing like bad drivers to get the heart rate up when riding to work. First I got buzzed by a motorbike (you'd think our two wheeled motor powered brethren would know better), got passed way to closely by several cars, got overtaken by a car only to have it make a right turn and cut me off forcing me to brake heavily to avoid smacking into the back of it, and to cap it off I got passed by a guy in a convertible with mere inches between my handlebar and his wing mirror. I caught up to him at a light, told him he was way to close only to have him tell me that I should move over (into the parked cars presumably). Sometimes the lack of respect that cyclists receive from motor vehicles just gets on my nerves.


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Mike Kenyon said...

Being cut off by right-hand-turners is by far the scariest thing I've experienced.

It happened to me once back home where a driver turned in front of me but needed to stop for pedestrians. I came within an inch of the SUV; I probably could have licked the back of it if I tried.

I'd been fixing my bike earlier so my repair kit was still sitting open on my handlebars. I was so pissed off I grabbed a wrench as he pulled away and chucked it. It completely smashed his rear windshield. The driver was rather pissed and for some reason stopped and got out to yell at me. That was fortunate for me as I was suddenly a lot faster than him and made a quick get-away.