Saturday, August 29, 2009

Critical Mass

Went to Vancouver's Critical Mass (also see their Facebook group) this last Friday. It was lots of fun riding with a rather large group of fellow cyclists through Vancouver's streets and bridges. I ran in to Robert of Bikes On The Drive Tree blog fame, and we chatted for much of the ride. I also ran in to Bill McGrath who I'd met before when I did my Libranet presentation at VanLUG. He was distributing leaflets concerning Canada's new copyright legislation for the Vancouver Fair Copyright Coalition. The ride was a pretty positive for the most part, though I was rather put off by the several people I saw drinking while riding. As far as I'm concerned, drinking while riding a bike is just as bad as drinking and driving, and doing it during an event like critical mass sends a bad message and creates negative press. I wound up the evening with a mellow sunset ride home through Stanley Park and along the Seaside bike route all the way around False Creek.

PS Oh yeah, I should probably mention that one of the guys I spoke to on the ride had ridden 125+km for the day by the time we reached the Lions Gate Bridge. He and his electric assist bike hailed from the Sunshine Coast.

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