Monday, July 07, 2008

.... and time goes by

Well here I am back in Vancouver, though I guess back isn't technically relevant since I previously lived in North Vancouver, not Vancouver proper. Edmonton was good, but Vancouver is better. We're living in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. There is a really vibrant community around here with so many interesting shops, cafes, and restaurants within a few minutes walking distance. Having lived in Edmonton, the most car dependant city in Canada, our neighbourhood is a real revolution, so much so that we're getting rid of our car. Transit makes it super easy to get around when we're not on our bikes, and yes, the traffic in the city is pretty terrible if you're stuck having to drive around. That being said for the times that we do need a car I've joined the Vancouver Co-operative Auto Network.


Sergio1704 said...

Just as a quick reminder that some people will never forget Libranet.
If it were rubbish, it would be long forgotten :)

Tal said...

Thanks Sergio, it means a lot to hear that!

Anonymous said...

I live in the neighbourhood where you taught Israeli dancing in the JCC. I've never met you although I was planning to drop in and see you. My wife attended 2 of your classes with a woman named Barb It takes a certain type to survive here. Best to move along if you're not.

Glad you're happy in Vancouver. Weather has really moderated here after a month of -40 windchill.

Really miss Libranet. At the time it was the best. Using Mepis now waiting for version 8 to come out.

Live long and enjoy Tal.

Olie said...

Hi Tal,

I am hope you are well! Secondly, nice and blog!

I am writing this comment in the hopes you can help me. I am a Libranet user, yep, some of us still use Libranet(3.0). I recently was moving and my co-worker accidentally threw away my CDs packs, which unfortunately had my Libranet 3 packs. Do you know anyone who may have the Libranet 3.0 CDs? I've tried almost every where and can not find anyone who may have it. I am willing to compensate you if you can help me. Please help!

Tal said...

Hi Olie,

I'm super glad you are still enjoying Libranet. I have some CDs sets lying around somewhere, so I could definitely send you a set. Send me an email with your address and I'll see about getting a set to you.


Olie said...

Hi Tal!

Many thanks for your response! I appreciate it A LOT!!

You can contact me at:

As I mentioned previously, I am going crazy trying to find someone who has Libranet(3.0). Thank you so much!