Friday, May 18, 2007

Ordinarily late (or w00t it's a blog post)

Yeah, yeah, it's been a long time. But who reads this blog anyway? The Great White North has thawed leaving the city with rather nice weather (the freakish snow in the beginning of April aside). I've finally joined the ranks of cyclist commuters. Edmonton's river valley is really quite spectacular and makes for a pleasant morning and afternoon ride. Who'd have thought I'd be the type to wake up at 6:20am and cycle to work never mind in sub-zero (okay, barely, and not any more, but still) temperatures.

Work has been going really well. I've been quite busy, but I'm keeping challenged and learning new techniques and technologies. I'm far more buzzword compliant then ever before. Recently I've been doing some web interface programming using Javascript, XML, and all that AJAX kind of stuff. It's a really quick way of turning an annoying, almost unusable, web based interface into something much more dynamic and enjoyable to use. IE of course rears its ugly head now and again, but the Google usually finds a solution. Firebug is a truly amazing Firefox extension that I've been using for debugging. Anyway the short of it is that I'm enjoying my new work, and I feel like I'm making an impact in my company.

My Israeli dance class is still going strong. We get a good following showing up every Wednesday night. I'm going to attend a dance camp in LA a couple of weekends from now which should be a blast. Hopefully I haven't forgotten too much and will be able to keep up :)

A few weeks ago Ilana and I went to see Forever Tango. It was an amazing evening, albeit all to short. The level of dancing compared to where we are, and even the best of the Edmonton tango community, is just incredible. The evening before the show we attended a workshop and milonga with Jorge Torres, the dance captain of the show. He's a man who lives and breaths Tango, an amazing dancer who is only too happy to spend time in the community passing on his knowledge and experience.