Monday, May 15, 2006

The chaos of transition

Okay, right so it's been a while.

The big news is that I'm moving cities. Goodbye Vancouver; hello Edmonton. Yup, it's a big change. I'm also in the midst of looking for job opportunities in Edmonton, so if anyone knows of anyone in Edmonton who needs a software developer be sure to drop me a line.

It's quite a concept: pack everything up in a trailer and move on over the Rocky Mountains. After Vancouver, the lack of mountains (or just down right lack of hilliness) and the dearth of ocean will be quite a change. And hey, there's always the -30°C weather in the Winter (yes, I'm well aware that it doesn't often stay that cold for any length of time). I'm looking forward to exploring Edmonton's cultural offerings, and of course the Rockies are just a short drive away for when I need my mountain fix. Most of all, I'm looking forward to moving in with a certain special someone ;)

So what does that mean with Libranet? Well, I'm not going to be developing Libranet any further myself. If any one has any interesting ideas or propositions I'm open to hearing them. For now I'll keep the Libranet forum and mailing lists running (though I do need some forum moderators to keep an eye on things). I'll update the Libranet website with a more official sort of announcement in the next while.

Oh, and I'll be starting an Israeli dance group in Edmonton. There's still a lot of organizational type stuff that needs to happen before sessions start, but it's in the pipe.

All in all then a lot of changes happening. All for the best I think, it's time for me to start moving forward again.