Sunday, January 22, 2006

Update from Eilat

So I'm here in Eilat just kicking back and relaxing. I'm ever so slowly uploading pictures to my gallery, but it will be a while before everything I've taken so far gets uploaded.

Eilat is very liad back and relaxing. The weather is warm, or at least by Vancouver standards. It's only really cold when the wind kicks up, and the first few days I was here I was walking around in a long sleeve shirt and sandals.

I've been dancing several of the nights that I've been here. There are many Rikudiam groups here in Eilat which I was surprised at since there are only something like 50 000 residents. There are groups every night except Friday night (of course). There are a lot of dances done here that I have never seen before, never mind know, but there are also a lot that I do know which is nice. I'm looking forward to dancing in some of the bigger groups in Tel Aviv.

So I've been all over the place in Israel so far. The first leg of my trip was a Taglit-Birthright trip that consisted of about 40 young Canadians from mostly Western Canada.

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