Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More on the latest Libranet update

From reading the Libranet Forum it seems that some people don't quite understand why I am taking a break from Libranet. With what I've been through in the last two years I'm just plain burned out. I'm not productive right now. Any work trying to develop and maintain Libranet would just be counter productive at this point, so I'm taking a break. I'll see how things look next year. One thing I know for sure is that I'm not going to continue Libranet as a small 1, 2 or 3 person project, so if Libranet does continue in a different form that the way things have been done until this point. I also may decide that I don't want to continue with Libranet at which point it will be a matter of deciding what to do with the Libranet tools and resources. I'm being upfront about this because I think the Libranet community will be stronger with a better idea of what the future might hold. I wish that there were some easier way through this time, but I have to work with reality, and the reality is that I need time to clear my head before moving forward.


Anonymous said...

Thanks and well said.
I hope you can find the inner peace you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

as understandable your situation is, you might want to consider releasing libranet 3.0 to the masses, as currently you have an OS that's just stagnant with no method of growing in users.
by releasing it to the public, you might be able to keep it alive during this interim period.
I am one of the many who were impressed with libranet 2.8.1 and subsequently were forced to move to another distro just because 3.0 wasn't available anymore.