Saturday, December 31, 2005

First batch of pictures

I've put the first batch of pictures up. I'll be putting more up over the next few days and hopefully I'll get other people from the Birthright trip to add their pictures as well.

It's Shabbat here in Israel, and I'm in Tel Aviv. Where I want to be is a town right smack between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Needless to say, the buses don't run on Shabbat so it will be an interesting challenge.

I've been reflecting a bit more on how amazing the trip has been so far and what a change it is from being on a scheduled bus tour to trying to find my own way around. Both certainly have their benefits and drawbacks. So far, I've been able to get by in English with the odd difficulty here and there. I'm sure it will get more challenging as I travel more on my own, but OTOH I'll hopefully have picked up a bit more Hebrew by the time the trip is over.

Chag Samach and happy New Years.


Beckaroni said...

i found you i found you I found you!! I want pictures NOW!!!!!!
I love and miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I miss you!