Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Apple iPod - 60 GB of fun

So the new Apple iPod looks freak'n cool. Very, very, tempting.

Of course, I would ideally prefer a player that supports Ogg and Flac, but I don't know of any small nice looking players that will do so. Oh, and the 20hour battery life and video play back is a BIG bonus.


Anonymous said...

iAudio X5 supports Ogg Vorbis AND FLAC.

Tal said...

Thanks for the pointer.

From the iAudio website the features look quite interesting. It seems to meet or beat the iPod on almost every feature except the video playback (iPod does H.264 at 30fps).

The price is comparable to the 30GB iPod as well, and I like the fact that the iAudio has a remote.

Anonymous said...

iRiver H300 Series. This is a must. I am using a H120 wich is out of series now. I whish I had a H340, Radio ogg vorbis support, works as USB HD on any computer, recording functions ... top quality, TOP sound. The sound is WOW.


Tal said...

From iRiver's website, it doesn't look like the sell the H300 series in North America anymore: iRiver Jukebox product page, iRiver online store,

The H10 has an FM radio and WMA support, but no mention of Ogg.

David Pastern said...

now that Iaudio model looks *really* yummy. I wonder if that's available in Australia...will take me forever and a day to save up for it, but, goals are good!

Onto iPods - the iPod mini's are a total joke, they have *major* issues imho. The bigger iPods have always seemed to be ok from what I hear and see. One of the girls at work got an iPod video on Friday and I have to say it looked pretty nifty! My main worry is QA - Apple, in my personal experience (both as a consumer, and an ex employee) has poor QA. 1 in 10 dead on arrival ratios are not acceptable imho.

Choose carefully and have fun!


Tal said...

Unfortunately reviews of the iAudio fall a little flat. You have to organize files into folders on the device, and can't sort by Id3 tags (a must for my rather large and varied music collection). Supposedly a firmware upgrade is supposed to fix this, but there is nothing on the iAudio website.

The Apple 60GB iPod is looking ever more tempting. The Mini isn't sold any more, and the price and capacity difference makes choosing between a 4GB nano and a 30GB iPod video a no brainer for me. It's whether to spend the extra money to jump for twice the capacity and a longer battery life in the 60GB model.