Thursday, October 20, 2005

Excitement ensues

My Inspiron 9300 arrived today. The system is quite amazing; I have to say I'm impressed with the build quality and the general feel of the machine. The 17" 1920x1200 LCD screen is absolutely amazing, and the video card is as fast as anything.

All the goodies that I've been able to test are working so far. I don't yet know if Bluetooth is supported/working, and the internal modem is probably going to be a no-go.

This computer contains the first copy of Microsoft software that I have bought (XP came with the laptop of course) since Windows 95. It's improved a lot since then, but it's still slow, frustrating, and boring compared to a Libranet system. I doubt I'll be using it for much at all.

I've settled on using Gnome for now, and have got panel monitors for such nifty things as battery life and the current Speedstep settings (the 2.0GHz processor dynamically scales back to 800MHz on battery to save on juice). I've only been running on AC for now, so I've yet to see what the actual battery life will be.

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