Friday, September 30, 2005

Libranet restructuring

Okay, so first some basic background for clarity. Libra Computer Systems was started by my father, Jon, in 1984 (one year after I was born). In 1999 Jon became interested in Linux. He had never been satisfied with DOS or Windows having come from a Unix background, and began to explore using Linux as an alternative. In the process, he decided that Libra Computer Systems' next project would be to create an easy to use Linux system for desktop users. I first became involved with the project as a casual interest in what Jon was doing, but I soon became drawn into the world of Linux and started to become involved in the product.

As Libranet progressed in development, I became increasingly involved in both the development and technical support of Libranet. In the six years that Libranet has been around we have released well over 10 versions of the Libranet distribution, each improving over the last.

Unfortunately, in late 2003 Jon was diagnosed with cancer. As he became progressively sicker in the year and a half following his diagnoses I began to take a larger and larger responsibility in not just the technical development of Libranet, but in the running of the business as well. Jon's death left the running of Libranet solely in my hands.

Libranet has been a wonderful learning experience for me, and would very much like to continue the legacy that is not just my father's work, but very much mine as well. However, changes will be needed to move Libranet forward, and this is the point where I am now. I need to catch my breath then figure out how to move on.

I feel that Libranet is unique in the Linux world, not just because of its technical achievements, but because of the philosophy that is behind the Libranet system.

I hope that the strong Libranet community will be patient while the process of moving Libranet onwards takes place. I do not at this time know how long it will take or exactly what the outcome will be, but I will endeavor to keep the Libranet community informed.

As always I welcome correspondence from the Libranet community. Feel free to email at

The Libranet Blog and Libranet Newsletter are the community's best resources for staying up to date on what is happening.

Daniel has posted his thoughts on the changes happening at Libranet.


Anonymous said...


Al these 13.537 (different?) distributions wandering around makes no sense. It's time to unify Linux at once and for all.

Tal said...

Libranet was not just "another distro" as those who used it and were involved in its community know.

Daniel said...

I.COULD.CARE.LESS: I guess you have never used Libranet. Libranet was not about fragmenting GNU/Linux. It was about making Debian GNU/Linux easy for many people, and to help them keeping it running smoothly. Libranet's compatiblity with the Debian repositories reflects this philosophy.

Colin Millard said...

I hope you will continue on with Libranet. It is the the distro that got me into using Linux. I had tried a number of other distros prior to it. None offer the ease of use that Libranet has. Thanks.

Larry De Coste said...

I too finally suceeded in getting Linux to work satisfactorilly with Libranet 2.7. My wife, who hates allthings computer related, now runs a Libranet 3.0 only Pentium 4 Shuttle for her post grad work.
I'm on both mailing lists so I'll be following things. Too bad Vancouver is just about as far away from Rhode Island as one can get in No. America... I know I had to have my boat shipped from there (Nanaimo).
Hope things work out for you.

Jacques said...

I COULD CARE LESS: That kind of ignorant crap can only come from somebody who has never had it on his harddrive and therefore has no clue what he's talking about.

I used Linux for more than six months and had decided to quit it as it just wasn't ready. Then I stumbled on Libranet 2.0 and I have never since looked back. Xadminmenu is a beauty and all debian distro's should have it as standard. It was the application that kept med on Linux because it removed 95% of the migraine of working with it. NO OTHER DISTRO DID THAT!

Plenty of Linux distros should be sifted out, agreed, but Libranet is NOT one of them. Try installing it, and graphically recompile your kernel using Xadminmenu, and you'll know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tal,

I've never used Libranet (I'm a Debian GNU/Linux guy), but I just wanted to tell you that I found your story moving and I like very much the idea of a father and a son working together to bring "Easy Freedom" to computer users.

I sincerely hope you'll find a satisfactory path,


Filippo Rusconi

Prakash J K said...

Best of Luck Tal,take the legacy ur father had created...