Sunday, September 11, 2005

Have laptop will travel...

... or at least that's the hope.

I'm looking to purchase a laptop. Unfortunately I'm quite picky on what I need:
  • NVidia graphics
  • 100GB or more HD space
  • Pentium M 1.86MHz or higher
  • 3 year warranty valid overseas (hopefully with something like Dell's Complete Care)
This seems to put me into the rarefied territory of "multimedia" laptops. My short list so far:
As far as I know Linux support is fine on the Dell, but I don't know yet about the Toshibas. The Dell has a much higher resolution screen than the Toshiba laptops, but I've heard some reports that it may not be as good.

The thing I like about the Dell is that I can configure a machine to my specs on Dell's website that beats the pants off any of the Toshiba offerings, but it ends up being very pricey. Also, the battery that comes with the Toshiba laptop is insufficient for this class of machine, so a CA$250 battery upgrade is going to be necessary.

On the other hand, if I drop the NVidia requirement from my list I can probably find a cheaper HP or Compaq laptop that will fit the bill. I'm just not sure if it's worth risking not having first class 3D support. ATI's drivers are notoriously sketchy especially when it comes to their mobile products.

The thing about laptops is that you basically have to order them as you want to keep them. Unlike a desktop computer upgrading select components later is either prohibitively expensive or just plain impossible.

So that means:
  • Go cheap and upgrade often
  • Go top of the line and get a laptop that will last a while
So far I'm leaning toward the second choice.

So far nothing has been able to beat the Dell on the perfomance/dollar aspect from what I can tell.

I'd love to hear anyone's comments, but remember if you are suggesting a laptop it has to be available for purchase in Canada.

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