Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Plugged in

Got some new gear recently, notably a new mouse and headphones.

The headphones are Sennheiser HD500s, which, from the research I did, looked to be the best headphones I could get without getting astronomically expensive. They are certainly the best headphones I've ever used, but they make me realize that I really need to get a decent sound card for my main computer. Plugged into my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers they sound terrific. They are an open design so they won't be the best choice if you want isolation from the person next to you. The HD500s also score well on comfort; they put almost no pressure on your head and I've worn them for hours with no discomfort.


The new mouse is a Logitech MX1000 cordless mouse. I initially wanted this mouse as a more egonomic upgrade to the Logitech OEM optical mouse I was using before, but I soon found that this mouse was leagues ahead in every way. This mouse has a high resolution laser sensor instead of the LED sensor on most optical mice. This makes the mouse much more smooth and acurate especially on surfaces that a standard optical mouse just can't handle (polished surfaces, glass, paper, etc.). So, not only is this mouse way more comfortable that my old one, but it's much better too. Going cordless was an added bounus. A rechargable non-replacable Lithium-Ion battery powers the mouse and can go about a week between charges. Three battery level LEDs let you know when to put the mouse on its charging base station. I have yet to get the multitude of buttons working as a newer version of X.org is needed.


Dave Pastern said...


Sennheiser make excellent Headphones. I currently use a set of HD400's for my PC, and an older pair of Sennheiser HD540 Gold reference (top of the range about 20 odd years ago and still hold their own). Don't consider looking at the Orpheus electrostatic headphones - the cost will drive you insane!

Very best wishes,


Tal said...

The HD500's are definately working well so far. They aren't very portable, so I'll probably end up buying a second cheaper set once portability becomes more of an issue.

Most of the time I prefer listening to music without headphones, but for when I do need/want to use headphones the HD500's allow me to do so with out suffering discomfort or, worse, a loss of audio quality.