Monday, August 22, 2005

All jazzed up

So I took my second ever Jazz dance class this sunday, and wow what a difference from the first time around. I was much more comfortable this time around and am much more comfortable at the Intro level at this point. The difference between the intro level and level 1 was not so much the material covered, but the pace at which the material is covered. In the intro class much more time was taken to go over and correct different movements.

Now that I have found a class that I am comfortable with, I really feel that Jazz dance will help me improve my overall dance abilities as well as being another weekly event that I can look forward to.

The dance center is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. I really ejoyed a sunny Sunday walk through the city, and I don't think riding the Seabus could ever get boring. This particular day I saw barges, cruise ships, a helecopter landing, and a seaplane landing; not to mention the spectacular views of the harbour, downtown, and the north shore.

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